Energy Medallions

The Medallions are Custom Programmed with the Basic Card Programs shown below.   The combination programming contains far more than a patch of the same name.  Complementary frequencies have been added to increase and improve the effectiveness of each product. 

You may stick a patch on the back if you wish to add a frequency!

Please state the custom programming of your choice under
“Customer Details” 
on your order, or you may email at the same time you order.

  1. Allergy Relief 
  2. Anti-Aging  
  3. ATP Plus  
  4. Digestion Gluten Celiac 
  5. Focus Concentration Memory 
  6. Hair Follicle Stimulation 
  7. Health Support  
  8. Oral Bacteria Biofilm 
  9.  Pain TENS Relief 
  10. Stress Tension Anxiety 
  11. Vision & Focus 
  12. Weight Loss Support Combination 

 When programmed the metal is changed at the molecular level and it holds the energy programmed into it forever!  They cannot be corrupted by cell phones
or any electronic instruments.

The Medallions are made of Surgical Stainless Steel 316L, this is used in
operations and joint replacement, it is the purest stainless steel
available and is one of the two metals I can program.
The Medallions are highly polished and beautiful,
and come in silver and gold color.

Please note these medallions are flat, but the high shine makes them
look beveled on the photo!