Bio-Energy Enhancer

New Bio-Energy Disk –

This Disk holds the basic Bio-Energy the body needs to function. The body is surrounded by fields of energy which radiate out; when a person is sick the body draws more energy in and depletes the fields.  We are living in a very toxic environment from radiation, to the spraying of pesticides to the GMO food we eat, to say nothing of stress – it goes on, and on.


My experience with Toxic Energy:

When I moved from a very “clean” home into a high rise over three and a half years ago I did not realize how toxic most buildings are as the Electro Magnetic Radiation travels through walls, floors, and ceiling.  I had fallen in love with the beautiful view of downtown San Diego the harbor, and the ocean beyond!   I soon started feeling ill and found I had all the smart meters for my floor behind a store room off my bathroom and all the electric wiring for the building went up the wall behind my kitchen.  When I got a meter to measure it was all the way in the red.


I very quickly made myself some protection by imprinting the necessary protective energy into a metal disk which I wore 24/7, it worked, and for well over three years it is still working. This imprint modified the crystalline structure of the material so that it would retain and resonate the new energy structure.   I have some programmed metal plates a scientist gave me about twenty years ago and the energy is still as strong).


I also realized, as well as protection I needed to replenish my bio- energy, and maybe always would need to replenish it while I live here..

To do this I needed to keep my energy field strong so that it would radiate out strongly enough to repel the toxic energy.  I developed the Bio-Energy disk to enhance all the subtle bio-energy fields especially the important etheric field.  I added all the brain wave frequencies to protect my brain.  I also added all the chakra energies plus the healing energy for tinnitus, the ear drum and the auditory nerve fibers.  I wore that disk 24/7.  I am no longer sensitive to the toxic energy!


I began to understand just how much our bodies need help to stay healthy in the toxic environment we share.  I have realized for a long time that more and more people are suffering from diseases and syndromes, and many people are chronically sick, even our children.  That is when I understood just how important this disk could be to these people.  I decided to keep the price as low as possible.

We run on a basic energy, and this disk can provide it, but when we get sick we need to see the Doctor/Practitioner who can help us correct the cause of the specific sickness.   It is similar to putting gas in the car so that it would run, but when it needs some specific work done then you take it to the correct technician.


This disk will be beneficial to anyone with depleted energy or an overworked immune system.  Once the energy is restored a whole family could share this disk by taking turns wearing it!   The energy is estimated to last at least 3 years most likely very much longer as the energy is imprinted into metal..

Please send me feedback to share with others, if you try this disk.


Application:  For best results wear the Bio-Energy Disk on a neck chain (or in a breast pocket) 24/7.

The Bio-Energy Disk will complement the AEP Toxic Energy Disk.

Sells at $25.95 – Retail $49.95