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Allergy Relief * Anti-Aging * ATP Plus * Digestion Gluten Celiac * Focus Concentration Memory * Hair Follicle Stimulation * Health Support * Oral Bacteria Biofilm * Pain TENS Relief * Stress Tension Anxiety * Vision Focus Eye  
Weight Loss Support Combination Card

The Energy Cards have been designed and programmed with a new advanced technology! They hold much more specific energy than the Patches, they can combine the energy required for a complete program that would normally need three different Patches.

They do not need to be close to the body as the energy will extend about three feet. The Card does not need to be used 24/7, use as needed. The card does not get depleted with use, and will last at three to five years, if when not in use they are kept in the anti-static protection bag they came in.

The Patches and Cards work well together, and both can be used at the same time.  It may be preferable to use one Card at a time at first for Chronic conditions.  You can alternate different cards throughout the day or at night till your body adjusts to the energy.   We still do not advise mixing more than three different types of therapy at one time, it is best to prioritize.  I will add to this information as I get more feedback.

There are certain Patches that are very compatible to a specific Card and that Patch can be stuck on the Multi-Wave Oscillator pattern on the Card front, they will work together and the Card will strengthen the patch. For instance the Arthritis Patch or the Migraine Patch would work really well on the Pain Card as it would strengthen the Patch and could be used as needed. This is something I will write about as time allows.
Note: We do not recommend adding a Detox Patch to any Card!

The Cards can hold many more specific frequencies than the Patches. The energy it contains may be shared with others. The body will only take in what it needs so anyone close to the Card may benefit if their body resonates with, and needs the frequency it contains, if not their body will ignore it!

The Cards may be attached to inner or outer clothing, worn around the neck, placed in a pocket or purse; they may be attached to belt loops. They can be placed on a nearby desk or side table. These cards are truly amazing and I appreciate all feedback!

Do not keep the Card in the same pocket or purse as your cell phone unless it is in the protective anti-static bag. Do not store near your electronic equipment.

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