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The Aura Exploration Patches are designed to maximize the most efficient energy delivery.  The AEP patch is round with a multi-wave oscillator design to improve the flow of energy.

A new feature of the AEP patches is the programming of the sleeve along with the patches. The complete packet can be placed under food or drink for 45 seconds to transfer the energetic information.  It is not meant as a replacement for the patch, but an additional free bonus which adds to the efficiency of the AEP patch program.

The AEP patches are non-transdermal so it is not necessary to put them on the skin, the adhesive is for your convenience only.  As long as they are within one inch of the body the energy will be transferred. They can be placed on the underclothing or medical tape.

If it is preferred to place the patch on the skin the AEP patch adheres well. It is reported to stay on when the user is showering, swimming, or exercising. We feel one of the main reasons for this is because of the round design and the purity of the energy.

Energy Cards are now available in the Energy Card Category.

Customized Pendants will soon be available!