Bio-Energy Enhancer Earrings ~




~ Bio-Energy Enhancer Earrings ~

The New AEP Bio-Energy Enhancer Earrings are Specifically Manufactured and Designed
to Radiate the Programmed Energy OUT as a Protection for the Body.

These Earrings cannot be corrupted and the programmed energy will last forever.
Available in a choice of three colors. –


The body is surrounded by fields of energy which radiate out and are referred to as the Aura. When a person is sick the body’s energy gets depleted, and the body then draws in the energy it needs from the Aura – which then depletes the fields of energy that support and protect the body.


We are living in a very toxic environment from radiation, to the spraying of pesticides to the GMO food we eat, to say nothing of stress – it goes on, and on.  A large Aura radiating out supplies the body with energy and also prevents the toxic energy we live in from being absorbed by the body.

The Bio Energy Enhancer Earrings contains all the Chakra energies, which feed the Aura, and enhances all the bio-energy fields specially the important etheric field.  Brain wave frequencies have also been added to protect the brain plus healing energy to enhance the bio-energy.

The Bio-Energy Enhance Earrings will be especially beneficial to anyone with depleted energy or an overworked immune system.