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The Bronchitis Patch is Intended to Relieve the Inflammation of the Lining of the Bronchial Tubes to Allow the Air to Flow Freely To and From the Lungs.
This Patch is Energetically Complementary to all Therapies t
Relieve the Symptoms and Ease the Breathing.

 Bronchitis is a respiratory disease in which the mucus membrane in the lungs bronchial passages becomes inflamed. This illness can be acute or chronic and will often be a result of a respiratory infection or a cold.

Viral bronchitis usually causes a mild fever. Little to no mucus is coughed up from the lungs in the beginning.

Bacterial bronchitis may cause a higher fever and a cough that often produces thick, dark, discolored mucus from the lungs.

Acute bronchitis can be viral or bacterial and usually can be treated without difficulty. This type of bronchitis will usually take place during the winter so the bronchitis patch would be a good winter patch to keep in stock.

Chronic Bronchitis is a far more serious condition and is one of the largest causes of death and disability in the United States. This is usually brought on by smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, or air pollution.

In chronic cases of bronchitis the inflamed bronchi produce a lot of mucus leading to coughing and difficulty getting air in and out of the lungs. The lungs can then become vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. While acute bronchitis can be resolved within a couple of weeks chronic bronchitis can take up to three months to resolve.

Application: Place Patch on upper left side of the body 24/7 for 30 days; change every three days. The patch can also be stuck on a piece of medical tape and worn on the body or on underclothing. If worn on underclothing remember to transfer to nightwear! Either side of the patch can face the body. The patch can be placed on or near the problem area if preferred.

The package is programmed with the same energy as the patch and can be placed under food or water for 45 seconds to transfer the information.

Sheila’s Tips ~ Whether the Bronchitis is acute or chronic begin use of the AEP Bronchitis Patch as soon as the symptoms occur and continue for a month to three months or as long at the symptoms continue.

Because bronchitis can be brought on by Colds or Flu keeping the AEP Flu Patches and a Bacteria Colds Patch in stock could be quite helpful in preventing the onset of acute bronchitis. When addressing chronic bronchitis using the Organ Cleanse patch could possibly help rid the body of toxins that can worsen the condition.

All AEP patches are non-transdermal the FDA approved (skin contact) adhesive is for your convenience only. The Patches do not contain drugs of any kind.