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Energy Pendants



  • Click to see the three different Energy Pendant styles:

    Glass Back - Filigree front

    These Pendants with a glass back can be used in many ways.  You can add a pad behind the glass that matches your clothing.  You can put a photo or other design cut to fit the glass window.  You can have fun using your own ideas to personalize these Pendants.  Please send photos for the News letters!

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    Filigree Back - Filigree Front

    The Double Filigree Pendants have the filigree design on both sides which makes them reversible, so you could have your favorite colors behind the filigree.  This is also the perfect Pendant if you like to use essential oils, you could put a drop of your favorite oil on one of the colorful pads provided.

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    Solid Back - Filigree Front

    The Solid Back Pendants have a solid back that is the perfect size to place a patch on.  You can also place a different patch inside the Pendant this is similar to the way you can add a patch to the Cards.  The information from the Patch will be added to the Pendant, you can leave it there or replace it with a different patch as needed.

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    More Pendant Info
    The Pendants are made of Surgical Stainless Steel 316L, this is used in operations and joint replacement, it is the purest stainless steel available and it is programmable.  It is highly polished and beautiful, it looks like silver but you do not have to polish it!  It will not mark your skin or clothes.  For more information please click here

    All the Pendants come with an Inner Peace Patch on a pad behind the front Filigree - and don’t we all need that energy!  The Inner Peace Patch is silver with soft blue circles and looks just like an opal, when seen through the filigree.  Beautiful!!  It is removable, so you can change it for a colored pad or anything you choose, just be sure the magnetic back will close.

    Please choose the Pendant you wish to purchase above and then select the programming you would like from the drop down Menu below.  You can find more information on the programming energy available in the Card Category.

    Please email or call if you need more information.

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