Advanced Patches

Peaceful Sleep



Designed for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep without Disruptive Dreaming.
Encourages a Restful Sleep Cycle; Activates the Healing Theta and Delta sleep Levels to ease Stress and Anxiety. This Sleep patch differs from the Sleep Aid and Good Night’s Sleep Because it Does NOT Contain Melatonin
Which can Have 
the Side Effect of Dreaming.

Application: Place inside the pillow case and change every seven days. This patch can also be placed on the inside of nightwear on the left side.

Sheila’s Tips ~I actually created this Patch for myself as due to my mind being overly active my night’s seemed to be spent dreaming of solving my own, and everyone else’s problems. I would wake up exhausted!

I decided to make myself a sleep patch that did not contain the energetics of Melatonin; I called it Peaceful Sleep. It is a non Melatonin sleep aid, but still allows natural, peaceful and restorative dreaming.

Research: I gave some Peaceful Sleep to one of our Doctors to give out at a conference; I thought the weekend conference plus sleeping in a hotel would be a good test! We had very positive feedback; one of the Doctors actually claimed it relieved a migraine from which she had been suffering. I would love to have more feedback to see if anyone else finds this.

The Sleep Aid Patch helps a person to relax enough to restore the normal sleep cycle after a stressfull day, and can be used as needed.  Change every threee days.

The Good Night’s Sleep Patch is over twice as strong and helps with longer periods of sleeplessness.  This Patch only needs to be replaced every seven days.

All AEP patches are non-transdermal the FDA approved (skin contact) adhesive is for your convenience only. The Patches do not contain drugs of any kind.