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Sleep Aid



For a Restful Night’s Sleep, Stimulates and Begins the Sleep Cycle.
 Increases coping skills for Stress, Anxiety & Depression. Achieves Theta & Delta Healing Sleep Levels. Contains Melatonin to Help Restore a Normal Sleep Cycle.

Application: Place the patch between your pillow and pillowcase or inside your nightwear near the left shoulder. Replace the patch after three days. Use for as long as needed. Packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Always store the Patches in the Sleeve and away from electronic equipment

Sheila’s Tips ~ The Sleep Aid Patch helps a person to relax enough restore the normal sleep cycle after a stressful day, and can be used as needed.

The Good Night’s Sleep Patch is over twice as strong and helps with longer periods of sleeplessness.  This Patch only needs to be replaced every seven days.

The Peaceful Sleep Patch I created for myself as due to my mind being overly active my night’s seemed to be spent dreaming of solving my own, and everyone else’s problems. I would wake up exhausted!

Some people find Melatonin causes the side effect of dreaming, I decided to make myself a sleep patch that did not contain the energetics of Melatonin, but still allows natural, peaceful and restorative sleep.  This Patch lasts seven days.

Note: The BedTime Rejuvenate Seals work well with these Patches.