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The Aura Exploration Products are designed to maximize the most efficient energy delivery. The AEP patch is round with a multi-wave oscillator design to improve the flow of energy.

Energy Ptch

A new feature of the AEP patches is the programming of the sleeve along with the patches. It can be used under the food or drink and adds to the efficiency of the patch program. It is estimated that the energy in the sleeve will last about a month when used along with the Patches. It is not meant as a replacement for the patch, but an additional free bonus to the AEP patch.

The AEP patches are non-transdermal so it is not strictly necessary for them to be worn directly on the skin; the FDA approved adhesive is only for your convenience. The Patches do need to be within one inch of the body for the energy to be transferred. Either side of the Patch can face the body, so the Patches can be placed on underclothing, but please remember to transfer to night wear! Medical tape could be more convenient if the Patch is needed on a joint.


New Product: The beautiful Energy Pendants are now ready for purchase! Information can be found on the top menu bar under Product Info.

The Energy Cards are very long lasting and hold many more frequencies than the Patches.  They have becme very popular information can be found in Product info. in the top menu bar.

Toxic Energy Disks . Bio-Energy Disks.
Phone Seals and Bed Seals can be purchased in Specialty Products