Chakras ~ What are they?

Chakras are whirling vortices of subtle-energy. In Sanskrit the word “chakra” means wheels. The chakras are involved in taking higher energies and transmuting them to a form that can be utilized by the human body. The chakras are a main component of the energy field and each penetrates the other.

From a physiologic standpoint the chakras appear to be involved with the flow of higher energy via specific subtle energy channels into the cellular structure of the physical body. They seem to function as transformers stepping down energy of one force and frequency to a lower energy that can be used by the body.

This energy is in turn translated into hormonal, physiologic and ultimately cellular changes throughout the body.  There appear to be at least seven major chakras and many minor chakras associated with the physical body.

The chakras play a vital role in the regulation of various states of consciousness especially in regard to peoples emotional nature. When the emotional body of the individual has a field disturbance related to emotional problems, that emotional disturbance becomes translated into an altered flow of subtle energy through a particular chakra.

Each of the seven chakras has a particular emotional and spiritual issue which affects its proper functioning.  When an individual has unresolved emotional issues in any one of these areas, chakra dysfunction may occur.  Such dysfunction leads to deprivation of nutritive subtle-energy flow to the body region and associated organs and glands supplied by that impaired chakra.  If the chakra blockage is chronic, cellular imbalance and disease may occur.