Energy Patches

Aura Exploration Patches are a Non-Transdermal
Energetic Patch Therapy.


When the patch is placed on the left side of the body the bio energy field absorbs the specific energetics needed to restore the body to a state of homeostasis. The Aura Exploration patch is designed to be complementary to other therapies; traditional or alternative.

Aura Exploration Patch therapy has very unique features:

  • The patches are round which allows the energy to flow in a healthy clockwise pattern.
  • Each patch is imprinted with a multi-wave oscillator which enhances the energy delivery system.
  • The materials used are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Our unique method of proprietary programming protects the purity of the specific patch energy from harmful emf/emr frequencies during the procedure.

Sleeves Bonus:

The sleeves are made of a special crystalline material and are programmed along with the Patches!  

Please enjoy the added bonus of using the energetic information by placing the complete
package under your food or water for 45 seconds.  This does not deplete the energy of the Patch; it just transfers the information. The most efficient time to use this method is first thing in the morning when the body is dehydrated.  Always keep the remaining Patches in the special sleeve when not in use; it preserves the energy.


The Patches should be placed on the left side of the body.  The left side of the body accesses 100% of the energy; the right side of the body only receives 75-80% of emitting energy.  Use the Patches on the left side for 100% of the energy delivery and benefits; Patches should be worn on the right side for the first three days, if the patient is using a Detox Patch and you are concerned about a Herxheimer’s reaction.

The normal placement is the upper left side of the body, on the back of the shoulder, but the patches can also be placed directly on the area of discomfort.  The Sleep Patches are placed inside the pillow case or they can be worn inside the night wear. Rejuvenation Seals are place on the mattress, as per directions. As the Patches are not transdermal they do not need to be in direct contact to the skin but do need to be within one inch of the body, see below!


The adhesive used is an FDA approved hypoallergenic adhesive compound made for sensitive skin. If the patches come off in the shower or the adhesive causes a reaction or itching attach the patch to a Band-Aid or piece of medical tape.   Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape is my favorite. Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cloth Tape is also good and you can even write the date on it.

Note: Either side of the patch can face the body, the patches do not have to actually touch the skin, they are not transdermal. The adhesive is just for your convenience.  The energetics can transfer as long as they are within one inch of the body.

Patches may be attached inside underclothing or stuck on medical tape and attached to the body or underclothing, whichever is preferred. Ladies can attach the patches to a piece of ribbon and place in the bra on the left side, just remember to remove at night and pin to the night wear!  I leave the pin in my night wear to remind me!   Always keep the remaining Patches in the special sleeve when not in use, it preserves the energy.

How many can be worn at once? 

It is not recommended to use more than three different patches at one time as it weakens the energy delivery of each patch.  Patch therapies may be used in combinations and in some cases the therapist will recommend four different Patches to be worn at the same time; this would be a case where two of the patches are complementary to each other.  In that situation you may want to keep a record of the patches you attached and where you attached them, and try to change them all on the same day.  Most patches have a number on it so it is easy to check which patches you are wearing.

When multiple therapies are needed choose the most serious first and then create a step-by step program until all the health challenges are met. If in doubt please call Sheila.  The Sleep Patches and the Rejuvenation Bed Seals are key programs as most of our healing occurs when we sleep; they do not count in the number you may wear.

How long to wear?

The packets contain ten patches which is a month supply; Aura Exploration Patches are intended to be used from one to three months depending on the specific therapy. The unique design and the purity of the proprietary programming provides a well-rounded complementary energy therapy.  Certain Patches can be worn as needed, such as Pain-Tens Relief, Joint Care, Stress/Anxiety Relief, and Female Hormonal Balance.

Bacteria & Colds Patch or a Flu Patch should be applied at the first sign of a cold or Flu and 3/6 days may be enough.  The can be worn as a preventative when attending events where there are many people who may be coughing and sneezing.
Always replace the unused patches in the sleeve to conserve the energy, and store away from electronics.

Please read the application instructions on each patch as some patches such as the Advanced Patches or Signature Patches require a longer program and a special protocol.

Note: Do not double up on the detoxifying patches till you know there is no die off reaction (Herxheimer reaction), if you do get a reaction leave the patch off for one day then transfer the patch to the right shoulder for a week before you try the left shoulder again.

For more information on any of the AEP patches please contact Sheila.

(619) 299-4545  Pacific Time Zone