Pet Product Info

AEP Pet Energy Tags

A Method of Energy Delivery to the Body
The Pet Tags are a healing energy system in the form of small tags that can be hung on the collar of the Pet.  Small size for animals up to 15lbs; Large size for larger animals.  The system enables the Pet to access the energy frequencies needed to return the body to the energy level found in healthy animals.

Using our innovative technology the AEP series of Pet Tags are programmed to deliver specific bio-resonant healing frequencies.  Aura Exploration Pet Tags use the same concept as Homeopathy, but uses a technically advanced delivery method.

The Tag needs to hang within an inch of the body of your Pet so tighten the zipper ties close to the collar and cut off the excess. The Tags should be changed every week.

Always store the Pet Tags in the protective sleeve, and away from all electronic equipment.

 AEP Pet Tags are complementary to all other therapies, whether traditional or alternative.