The KEYWORDS have been recommended by our Doctors or Practitioners and are for REFERENCE PURPOSES only.

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Acid Reflux: Digestive Aid

Acute Injury: Pain-Tens Relief + Master Restoration

ADD – ADHD: Memory/Recall or Adult Concentration

Addiction: Advanced Stress Relief

Adrenals: Kidney-Adrenal-Thyroid Support

Alertness: Energy & Alertness

Allergies: Seasonal Allergies

Alzheimer’s: Health Plus + Adult Concentration or Memory Recall

Ameba: Parasite Cleans

Anti-Aging: Anti-Aging

Anti Inflammation: Anti-Aging + Pain-Tens Relief

Anti-Oxidant: Anti-Aging or Health Plus 

Anxiety;: Stress/Anxiety Relief & Advanced Stress

Arterial Plaques: Circulation & Plaque

Arthritis: Arthritis + Pain-Tens Relief + Mycoplasma

Athletes Foot: Candida Plus

Bacteria: Bacteria & Colds

Balding: Hair Stimulation

Bell’s Palsy: Viruses + Master Restoration

Better Blood Flow: Circulation & Plaque

Blood Sugars: Enzymes Data Base

Breast Implants (Saline Based): Scar Solution

Calcifications: Circulation & Plaque

Candida: Candida Plus

Carpel Tunnel: Pain-Tens Relief + Health Plus

Cataracts: Vision & Clarity

Cerebral Palsy: Lyme Regimen + Master Restoration

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Liver Brain Connection + Master Restoration + Mycoplasma

Colds Suffering or Prevention: Bacteria & Colds

Cold Sores: OL Extract

Cuts or infection: Bacteria & Colds

Cystic Fribrosis: Organ Cleanse + Bacteria & Colds + Master Restoration

Cysts: Organ Cleanse + Master Restoration

Depression: Stress Anxiety Relief + Sleep Aid + Health Plus

Detoxification: Organ Cleanse

DHEA: Anti-Aging

Diabetes: Enzymes Data Base + Health Plus

EB Virus: Liver Brain Connection

Engineered Biological Agents: Liver Brain Connection + Mycoplasma

Environmental Toxins: Organ Cleanse

Epstein Barr: Liver Brain Connection + Master Restoration

Eye Problems: Vision & Clarity or Eye Signatures or Advanced Eye Focus

Floaters: Vision & Clarity

Flu: Flu Seasonal or Flu Non Seasonal

Focus: Adult Concentration

Food Allergies: Allergies

Fibromyalgia: Liver Brain Connection + Pain-Tens Relief + Mycoplasma

Fungus: Candida Plus and/or Parasite Cleanse + Mycoplasma

Gall Bladder: Liver Brain Connection

Gall Stones: Circulation and Plaque

Gastroenteritis: Digestive Aid

Glaucoma: Vision & Clarity

Hair & Skin: Skin & Hair Enhancement

Headaches: Pain-Tens Relief

Heavy Metals:Organ Cleanse

Hemorrhoids: Health Plus

Hepatitis: Liver Brain Connection

Herniated Disc: Pain-Tens Relief + Master Restoration

Herpes: OL Extract + Pain-Tens Relief + Health Plus

High Cholesterol: Circulation & Plaque

Hot Flashes: Female Hormonal Balance

HPV: OL Extract

Immune System: Immune System Support

Indigestion: Digestive Aid

Infestations: Parasite Cleanse

Inflammation: Pain-Tens Relief or Biofilm +TENS Signatures

Insomnia: Sleep Aid

Joint Problems: Joint Care  + Mycoplasma

Kidney: Kidney Adrenal Thyroid Support or Kidney Signatures

Libido Female: Female Hormonal Balance

Libido Male: Male Hormonal Aid

Low Energy: Energy & Alertness + Sleep Aid

Lung Congestion: Organ Cleanse + Health Plus

Lupus: Joint Care + Master Restoration + Mycoplasma

Lyme Disease: Lyme Regimen + Master Restoration + Mycoplasma

Memory: Memory/Recall

Macular Degeneration: Vision & Clarity

Migraines: Migraine + Master Restoration

Mononucleosis: Flu Non Seasonal + Viruses (2) + Health Plus

Multiple Sclereosis: Scar Solution + Master Restoration + Mycoplasma

Mycoplasma: Mycoplasma

Nail Fungus: Candida Plus

Osteoarthritis: Arthritis and Biofilm +Tens Signatures

Osteoporosis: Arthritis and Biofilm +Tens Signatures

Pain: Pain-Tens Relief

Pancreas: Enzymes Data Base

Parkinson’s: Parkinson’s Syndrome (Call Sheila)

PH Balance: Health Plus

PMS: Female Hormonal Balance

Pneumonia: Bacteria Colds

Poisons: Organ Cleanse 

Prostate: Male Hormonal Aid

Psoriasis: Hair & Skin Enhancement

Restless Leg Syndrome: Health Plus

Retinal Eye Problems: Vision & Clarity

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Arthritis + Mycoplasma

Salmonella: Bacteria & Colds

Shingles: OL Extract + Pain-Tens Relief + Health Plus

Short Sighted: Advanced Eye Focus

Sinus Infection: Bacteria & Colds

Skin and Hair: Skin & Hair Enhancement

Staph Infection: Bacteria & Colds

Strep Infection: Bacteria & Colds

Stress: Stress/Anxiety Relief or Advanced Stress Relief

Swollen Joints: Joint Care

Teeth Plaque: Circulation & Plaque

Testosterone: Male Hormonal Aid

Thin Hair: Hair Stimulation

Thrush: Candida Plus

Thyroid: Kidney Adrenal Thyroid Support or Thyroid Signatures

Trigger Finger: Scar Solution

Vaginal Yeast Infection: Candida Plus

Virus: Viruses

Warts: OL Extract + Viruses

Wellness: Health Plus or Anti Aging + BedTime Rejuvenate Seals

Worms: Parasite Cleanse

Wrinkles: Skin & Hair Enhancement