Energy Pendant Info.

 The Pendants can be Custom Programmed with the Basic Programs that are programmed into the Energy Cards


Allergy Relief * Anti-Aging * ATP Plus * Digestion Gluten Celiac * Focus Concentration Memory * Hair Follicle Stimulation * Health Support
Oral Bacteria Biofilm * Pain TENS Relief * Stress Tension Anxiety
Vision & Focus * Weight Loss Support Combination Card

The Pendants are made of Surgical Stainless Steel 316L, this is used in operations and joint replacement, it is the purest stainless steel available and is one of the two metals I can program.  It is highly polished and beautiful, it looks like silver but you do not have to polish it! I am not sure yet how they color the gold stainless steel, but it is 316L and also beautiful.  They will not mark your skin or clothes.

 I had to purchase a special technology to program and I have been researching this method of programming for over twelve months, I also use it to program the Energy Cards. When I program metal it changes at the molecular level and it keeps the energy I program into it forever!  I do not think anything in normal use can corrupt it. The first metal products I programmed were the EMF and Energy Enhancement disks they are a 304 stainless steel and hold the energy, but are not as beautiful.  Alloy’s can not be  programmed.

All the Pendants are shipped with an Inner Peace Patch on a pad behind the front Filigree – I think we all need that energy!  The Inner Peace Patch is silver with soft blue circles and when seen through the filigree it looks just like an opal!  It is removable, so you can change it for a colored pad or anything you choose, just be sure the magnetic closure will close securely. I would really appreciate your feedback on the designs as I want to know which are the most popular.

I gave my two janitors a choice of Pendants as a Christmas present and I custom programmed them.  One of them had migraines three times a week for years, she chose the Pain Relief and I added Migraine to it.  She has not had a migraine since she put it on, she calls it a miracle The other one chose Stress – Tension -Anxiety I added Muscle Repair and she had similar success with neck and shoulder pain.

As I am custom programming the Pendants you order I can add a specific frequency that is compatible to the basic energy chosen, provided I have it in my database!  The Pendants are shipped in a velvet bag with a chain and some different colored pads. If you plan to use the pads for essential oils please be sure the pendants will close without forcing.

Due to the custom programming I may need extra time, so please allow 48 hours for the shipping just in case!  As a special bonus all Pendants will be shipped Priority Mail, so you can add other products to be shipped at the same time.

You can find more information on the basic programming energy available in the
Energy Cards.

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