What is an Aura?

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Our physical body is surrounded by a bio-energy field which is known as the Aura, it normally extends as far as our out stretched arms. Very healthy people have a much larger brighter energy field, stressed or sick people have a smaller dull or dark energy field.  Whether we realize it or not we are energy beings; the body cannot live without energy and when we die it is because there is not enough energy left in our body to sustain it!

The Aura contains the surplus energy available for us to use, it is like a bank account of energy from which we can draw energy into the body as we need it.  The aura is always moving, drawing in energy and releasing it into the energy field. Just like breathing!  Energy is just energy until we program it with our thoughts or with our reaction to a circumstance or – – – with Aura Exploration Patches!

Chakras are the energy centers of the body; each chakra vibrates within specific frequency ranges and are one of the areas where energy can enter our body and feed our organs with the specific energy frequencies needed.  Due to illness, stress, worry, trauma to our bodies, or even because of our life style the chakras over time can become sluggish and are not able to function efficiently.  The Aura will then become depleted and the life giving energy is not available for the body to draw on, causing the body to eventually go into survival mode.  At this level the body will then “steal” the life giving energy it needs from the Aura of anyone in close proximity to us.  We all know people who drain us!

Our mind is in every cell of our body. The emotions from past experiences become embedded in the cellular memory! The cells are like miniature computers where all our experiences are recorded,and we become programmed how to react.

Life experiences carry emotional energy therefore when that memory is triggered our body reacts physically to how the mindremembers or perceiveda situation and this reaction not only affects our cell tissue and our physical body but also our emotional well-being.

Constantly living with negative feelings such as fear, anger, resentment, frustration, or low self-image disturbs the healthy harmonic frequency of the body, and willdrain the Aura.   If this destructive energy is prolonged it can have a negative effect on our physical body.  

Thinking positive thoughts will manifest as a confirmation of our own power or ability. The energy of love, joy, forgiveness, gratitude, and appreciation is a healing energy and will affect the body in a positive way. It will replenish the Aura and restore the healthy harmonic frequency of the body.

                                 We cannot change the past, but we can reprogram                                                      ourselves to change our perception of it!                 

  ~ I wish you all a beautiful healthy Aura ~

~ Blessings ~ Sheila ~