Specialty Products

  • BedTime Rejuvenation Seals


    The BedTime Seals are placed on the mattress to aid and restore the body’s energetic function. They are made of a new softer material and are a little larger than… Read more

  • Bio Toxic Energy Protection (E-Smog)


    This new product is available in Silver, Gold and Black    (Black – design on it is white). This site is being rebuilt and updated but I want to make… Read more

  • Bio-Energy Enhancer


    I am sorry but this product is out of stock at present and is being replaced very soon with New AEP Bio-Energy Enhancer Disks.  The new disks are manufactured and designed to… Read more

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  • Cell Phone Seals

    cell seal

    Cell Phone & Electronic Device Protection Seals These exceptional new seals have been developed to protect the body from harmful radiation and heat emissions without affecting the function of the… Read more