The Science behind the Aura Exploration Products

Aura Exploration is a Research and Development Company researching Bio-resonant technology.  Specific energy patterns can be embedded into a product using an advanced metalized material.  This technology is comparable to the way audio and music is burned onto a CD!

Certain patterns of vibrations are associated with health, and certain patterns with physiological dysfunction.  When a product is worn the energy enters the body through the etheric field from there to be conducted along the “energetic” nervous system; chakras, meridians, acupoints.  They are a signal to the cells of the body to carry out the desired activity “coded” by the specific frequency pattern. The Products use bio-resonance the same way your car uses a GPS system.

The products may contain frequency patterns associated with good health, to “remind” the cells how they should be functioning, or a patch could contain frequencies that are toxic to an invader, or frequencies that may neutralize a toxin that is present within your body. All pathogenic substances such as toxins or microbial organisms have their unique frequencies. The Products are a delivery system that de-activates or neutralizes these frequencies to restore the body’s own healing ability.

How do we know which frequencies your body needs?  The cells, and organ systems, of the human body emit frequencies; they can be recorded and measured in the etheric field which is described as the body’s template or blueprint.  These frequencies exist in digital form and they can be sorted, categorized, and compared against a data base of the rest of the population; we look for anomalies and commonalities.

For many decades researchers and practitioners around the world have studied people with the same complaints to look for common bio-energetic weaknesses.  We have charged these restorative frequencies onto a metallic substrate material and incorporated them into the Aura Exploration Products.

We do not attempt to diagnose specific disease states; rather we are looking for physiologic abnormalities that can lead to disease states, signified by an out of the ordinary pattern of emitted frequencies.  We are then able to create a set of acceptable healthy frequency patterns to enable the body to correct each abnormality.  The frequencies are embedded into the Aura Exploration Products, from there they are released into the etheric field where the body can utilize them as needed.

Bio-Resonance is not a diagnostic or treatment modality, and most likely never will be as these approaches cannot be patented.  However, the approach is non-invasive, and there are no drugs in our productss, only the energetic frequencies of a healthy body.

The body only accepts the frequencies it needs to be healthy and the frequencies do not interfere with any medication or other modality.