About Us

Advanced Energy Products
A Research and Development Company

Sheila Moore, Founder CEO
Sheila Moore
Sheila has studied bio-energy and the use
of energetic frequencies as a form of healing for over thirty years. Eighteen
years ago she became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in all forms of abuse.  She started a practice in San Diego where she founded her company Aura Exploration.

Sheila became a member of Toastmasters International and for over twelve years she enjoyed travelling to many areas in the USA lecturing and conducting workshops
n her favorite subject, energy and the
bio-energy field.   She was also a popular instructor for the Learning Annex in Southern California for seven years.

For the last fifteen years Sheila has worked with and researched the field of energy transference which culminated in the designing, manufacturing, and programming of Energy Products.  She developed her popular “Aura Exploration Patches” followed by “Advanced Energy Products”.
In 2016 she launched her new innovative “Energy Cards”.
In 2017 the beautiful “Energy Pendants” were launched.  You choose the design you like best and Sheila will program each one to your personal choice.                                                                                                 

Sheila loves the Research and Development of new products, and enjoys selling her energy products online to Doctors and the public.

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Our Company Aim

As a company we are very excited about the future of energy healing and we are dedicated to providing new non-toxic healing methods complementary to all modalities.

We will always be available to support the Doctors and Therapists who purchase our products and we are very appreciative of their sharing of knowledge and feedback.

It is our aim in the near future for this new secure site to become a source for the sharing of knowledge and information by our Doctors on the therapeutic use of our energy products.

This sharing of knowledge will benefit not only our Practitioners but their patients.   Many are already using the Testimonials page for this purpose but we would like be able make much more knowledge available for sharing.

We promise to continue the research and development of new and amazing products and innovative methods of energy delivery to the body!