Advanced Patches

Advanced Stress Relief



Relieves – Severe Stress – Depression -Trauma – Emotional Stress – Physical Stress
Relieves the Severe Stress Connected with Addiction Withdrawal.
Adds Confidence –  Motivation – Willpower – Joy – Inner Calmness

Increases feelings of joy, happines and calmness. improves coping skills. This program is designed to deliver a very quick response, noticeable results within a few hours, great compliance, increases actual feelings of joy and happiness.

The Advanced Stress Relief Patch is a very popular patch and works well for stress brought on by trauma or on going physical and emotional stress.  Such as:

  • Losing a job
  • Sickness in the family
  • Losing a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Bankrupcy etc.
  • Ongoing stress at work etc
  • Addiction withdrawal.

Once the cause is starting to abate the person can wean off the Advanced Stress Relief onto the Stress and Anxiety Patch.

In severe cases the Advanced Stress Relief Patch can be placed on the Multi-wave Oscillator on the Stress Tension Anxiety Energy Card and it will add more of those frequencies to the Card.  The Card holds the frequencies of both cards plus some of the Emotional Patches frequencies.

Application: Begin this program by placing one Advanced Stress Relief Patch on left shoulder 24/7 for 30 days changing every three days. If the stress is caused by trauma to the body add a Master Restoration patch and wear two Advanced Stress Relief patches until the stress subsides; gradually reduce to only one Advanced Stress Relief Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Sheila’s Tips ~ I have had amazing feedback on this patch it works very quickly; it brings a feeling of calmness and the ability to find and accept the joy of life again.  For occasional stressful situations just wear one patch at the time of stress and keep the rest of the Patches in the sleeve for when needed next.

If the stress is severe start off wearing two Advanced Stress Relief patches (one on each shoulder) for as long as needed. As the stress subsideschange to wearing one patch on the left shoulder. When the stress is under control you can try switching to the Stress/Anxiety Relief patch, this is a gentle way to retrain your stress coping skills. Please send me feedback on this method!

In prolonged severe and debilitating cases of depression a few sessions of positive professional therapy is strongly recommended.