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Bacterial Infections



The Bacterial Infections Patch Restores and Supports the Body Against Bacterial
and Skin Infections

While developing this program, we looked at most common bacteria

* staphylococcus * streptococcus * e-coli * bacillus * campylobacter * salmonella *  shigella *  pneumonia * pseudomonas * mycobacterium * listeria * clostridium * klebsiella *

We identified whole fields and ranges of depleted energetics in people who get lots of infections. A strong energy of antibacterial frequencies creates a strong barrier against infections.
The patch contains a large array of energies that support your health and also protect you from bacterial skin infections caused by scrapes, cuts, and other skin injuries. It can also be used in cases of chronic diarrhea.  Remember the body only takes the energy it needs there has to be resonance!

We aim to restore missing links in the energy fields of the body and by doing this we are restoring homeostasis. The fields we restore resist a bacterial infestation of the body.  This Patch Can be used as a preventative, see Sheila’s Tips!

Application: Place one patch on the left side of the body 24/7 for 30 days change every three days.  Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)Either side of the patch can face the body, so it can be attached to under clothing.

Note: Always store the Patches in the sleeve which is programmed along with the Patches.  You may place a drink or food on the complete packet for 10 seconds, and it will absorb the information, this will not drain the patches in the packet. This can be done as many times as needed, but the best time is first thing in the morning when the body is dehydrated.

We do not advise doing this with any of the detox therapies.

Sheila’s Tips ~ If the bacterial infection is severe try using two Patches for the first week. I advise my clients to always keep a packet of this Patch in their home then it can be used immediately as a preventative.

If you are around people who are sick wear one patch, usually three days is sufficient.  Remember it can be used for bacterial skin infections too!  Always keep the remaining Patches in the special sleeve which was designed to keep the energy in the patch.

All AEP patches are non-transdermal the FDA approved (skin contact) adhesive is for your convenience only. The Patches do not contain drugs of any kind.