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Biofilm TENS Tag


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product energetically eliminates bio-films which is a combination of micro-organisms
and bacteria that create a film. This film can surround the organsĀ 
cut off oxygen,circulation, nutrients and healing. Once this film
is eliminated all forms of therapy can work more efficiently.

Bio-films are implicated in so many other problems such as urinary tract infections, ear infections, dental plaque and more. The medical community has only recently recognized Bio-films as a problem. This means there are many dogs and cats that have never been diagnosed with bio-films. All dogs and cats should should be put on this product at least one month every year to eliminated any bio-film before serious problems start to occur.

If a pet has had a chronic illness that has been extremely difficult to resolve in most cases it is as a result of untreated bio-films. The elimination of this film will allow the pet to live a longer, more healthy life and will reduce the chances of more serious illness developing.The elimination of this film in the connective tissue and joints of pets with arthritic conditions will bring pain relief as well.

Note: Once the Bio-films are eliminated it is very beneficial to also use the Parasite Infestation Tag and Detoxification Tag and the Fungal Infection Tag at least one month out of the year to maintain the health of the pet.*Do not use more than one detoxing product at a time!

Application: Attach one Tag to the collar of the Pet using the zipper tie. Tighten it almost up to the collar so that it is near to the body of the Pet. Do not leave it hanging low.

Change the Tag once week. The packet contains four Tags; one month supply.

If your Pet needs more than one Tag at a time mark the number of the tag on the back using a marker pen, so that you can identify them. Use no more than three different Tags at one time.

Please note: Do not store near any electronic equipment.

For protection during mailing the bag is programmed along with the Tags, always store the tags in the bag.