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Brain Alert Tag


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Brain Alert Tag is programmed to energetically address brain disorders such
as dementia, stress, anxiety, 
depression, and recovery after a stroke.
This tag energetically addresses the grey matter of the pet’s brain.


This is a very effective tag in addressing over all grey matter of the brain.suffering from brain disorders.  It is a very beneficial for older pets as well. It can energetically make them more alert.

This is especially affective in healing the brain that contained parasites.Quick healing of the grey matter that has been infiltrated by parasites is very important.

When the parasite dies off in the brain it leaves exposed sensitive tissue. Viral entities can enter the brain if the area where the parasite has been is not healed quickly.

This Tag can also be used long term by older pets to maintain a healthy more alert pet.

The Rejuvenation Tag energetic’s work well with the Brain Alert Tag, and will help to maintain over all health with its anti-aging GH-3 frequencies.

Application: Attach one Tag to the collar of the Pet using the zipper tie. Tighten it almost up to the collar so that it is near to the body of the Pet. Do not leave it hanging low.

Change the Tag once a week. The packet contains four Tags; one month supply.

If the Pet needs more than one Tag at a time mark the number of the tag on the back using a marker pen, to identify them. Use no more than three different Tags at one time.

Please note: Do not store near any electronic equipment.

For protection during mailing the plastic bag is programmed along with the Tags, always store the tags in the bag.