Advanced Patches

Children’s Concentration & Focus



This Program has been Designed to Cope with the Mental Health Challenges and Stress in the Lives of Children.

The Concentration and Focus Patches for “Children” answer these challenges by: 

  • Creating an optimum healing scenario.
  • Stabilizing the concentration and memory capabilities.
  • Provide Non-Toxic, Anti-Pathogenic energy to help eliminate the probable causes.
  • Contains a complete program to enhance the natural Concentration & Focus capabilities.
  • The Protocol below may help relieve the symptoms of Autism

If there is ADD or Autism we advise using the Parasite Cleanse along with the Childrens Concentration and Focus for the first month to eliminate any parasitic infestation.

We have found that using the Master Restoration Patch with Children’s Concentration and Focus Patch in the second month slowly re-establishes the natural concentration/focus abilities.
In cases of ADD or Autism the Protocol below needs to be followed.

Application: Patches to be attached to the left side of the body 24/7 for the advised number of months. Replace the patch every three days. If preferred the patches can be stuck on a piece of medical tape or Johnson & Johnson Cloth Tape and attached to the body, remember either side of the patch can face the body!

Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches).


Months one and two:
Children’s Concentration, Parasite Cleanse.

Months three and four:
Children’s Concentration and Master Restoration

Months five and six:
Master Restoration

This new approach in therapy is called; “Information Therapy” and it uses no drugs or medication.

Information therapy is classified as “complementary” medicine and can be used along with conventional medicine.

The length of time that the patch is used depends on the severity of the disorder.

All AEP patches are non-transdermal the FDA approved (skin contact) adhesive is for your convenience only. The Patches do not contain drugs of any kind.