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Health Plus



The Health Plus Patch is an All-Round Healing Program and is Very Popular
For General Wellness, Longevity, pH Balance, Anti-Oxidants
HGH & GH-3 Energetics & Rejuvenation Frequencies.

This Patch has expanded health benefits to complement all of the other energetic patches. Its rejuvenation frequencies boost any of the other patches being worn. This is very useful if you have a chronic condition.

The patch also contains the energetics of GH-3 which contains regenerative qualities, this helps to improve balance, cleanses blood vessels, and improves circulation to all of the body. The GH-3 will also help to maintain youth and vitality we can lose as we get older. One of the biggest factors in aging is a buildup of MAO (monoamine oxidase, an enzyme) The GH-3 helps to normalize the levels of MAO. This enzyme tends to start building up in the body after age 45. Too much accumulation can lead to tiredness and depression. When the energetics of the GH-3 normalizes the levels of the MAO enzyme in the body we have a much better youthful out look on life.

Practitioners have observed quick turnaround in their patients with long term illnesses. They have seen very weak patients regain their strength and vitality. This is a good basic Patch and is also made as a Tag, and Medallion, which are stainless steel and hold the energy forever. 

Application: Place patch on the left side of body 24/7 for 30 days, changing every three days. A 30-Day maintenance program is suggested once a year. Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Always store the Patches in the Sleeve and away from electronic equipment

Sheila’s Tips ~ Everyone can benefit from this Patch especially as we get older. It is a wonderful longevity therapy. The energetics of Dr. Aslan’s original injectable Gerovital H-3 (GH-3) has been added to help normalize the MAO Enzyme to keep a youthful outlook.

The subharmonics will help enhance any of the other AEP Patches a client may be on. The anti-oxidant and pH balance will help to maintain a healthy body.

Please note: The sleeve is programmed along with the Patches and is made of a special material that holds the frequency.

You may place a drink or food on the complete packet for 45 seconds, and it will absorb the Information, this will not drain the patches in the packet.

The best time to do this is first thing in the morning when the body is dehydrated.

The programmed sleeve is not a replacement for the patches; it is a bonus meant to complement the therapy. With chronic conditions using the packaging as an energy card is really effective.

This Patch is very therapeutic and will also help the body recover after any illness or severe detoxing sessions.