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Health Support Tag


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The Health Support Tag is an all-round healing program containing the energetic’s
of Anti-Oxidants. This Tag complements all the other Pet Therapies.

This is a health and general wellness therapy containing the energetic’s to support a healthy body, pH Balance + GH-3 revitalizing the whole energy system.

The healing frequencies of GH-3 are added to help maintain energy in older pets and to cleanses blood vessels, and improve circulation. The GH-3 will also help to normalize the levels of MAO (monoamine oxidase) to help the Pet feel much more youthful and full of life.

Once the Pet has regained health we suggest a 30-day maintenance
once or twice a year.

Sheila’s Tips – Every Pet can benefit from this therapy. It is a wonderful healing therapy. The sub-harmonics will help enhance any of the other Pet Tags the Pet may be using. The ant-oxidant and pH balance will help to maintain a healthy body.

The Pet Therapy Tags will complement any Alternative or Conventional Therapy

Application: Attach one Tag to the collar of the Pet using the zipper tie. Tighten it almost up to the collar so that it is near to the body of the Pet. Do not leave it hanging low.

Change the Tag once a week. The packet contains four Tags; one month supply.

If your Pet needs more than one Tag at a time mark the number of the tag on the back using a marker pen, to identify them. Use no more than three different Tags at one time.

Please note: Do not store near any electronic equipment.

For protection during mailing the bag is programmed along with the Tags, always store the tags in the bag.