Energy Disks – Insect Repellent Protection

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Insect Repellent Energy Disks

The New Proprietary AEP Insect Repellent Energy Disks are 3/4″ in diameter and are Specifically Manufactured and Designed to Radiate the Protective Energy OUT

This Disks has been designed to radiate its protective energy out over 12 feet.

These Disks are a new attractive product they will protect the wearer from most biting and blood sucking insects.

These Metal Energy Disks cannot be corrupted and the programmed energy will last forever. 

Most insect repellent sprays only last a number of hours. Our intention is to produce an energy product that last very much longer and provides a safe protection against all insects.

The energy will act as a deterrent and work in a similar way to the EMF, EMR protection Disks – the energy does not enter the body but stays in the outer fields and forms a barrier. The obvious advantage of using energy is that no chemicals are applied to the skin. 

The Disks are available in a choice of three colors; Silver, Black and Gold.
The matching chains are also programmed.

The Disks will repel most insects including:

Mosquitoes * Ticks * Fleas * Chiggers * Leeches * Black flies * Sand flies * Gnats * Arachnids and many other biting insects.

Wear the Insect Repellent Energy Disk on the supplied chain which has also been programmed.   The Disks should be worn on the outside of clothing – around the neck or attached to a belt loop.  It is wise at first to still take normal precautions such as covering arms and tucking pant legs into socks, till you see that no insects come near you.  Please send us feedback on your experience with this brand new product.

We had amazing feedback over many months last year from our researches who lived in insect infested areas.   One or two of our many researchers did report that they had experienced an occasional quick nip to the skin, but there was no itching or swelling or drawing of blood and the insect flew off as quickly as it came!