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Male Hormonal Aid



The Male Hormonal Aid Patch Increases Energy While Providing Sexual Benefits this Program is made to Support the Prostate Gland
and Increase Male Energy.

This patch Improves semen production – Stronger erections – Increased sexual desire. There are multiple benefits to this patch. It is best to wear it for 24 hours ahead of sexual activity for better interest and better arousal. Men will look forward to their sexual activities.

We’ve studied men who have strong, abundantly active lives. We identified frequencies of saw palmetto that is largely used in Europe for prostate problems. Our goal is to help men to have better prostate function. We noticed that these men have more interest in their sexual life, stronger, better erections, and can produce more semen.

Application: Place patch on left side of body 24/7 for 30 days replace every three days, continue as long as needed. Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches). Always store the Patches in the Sleeve and away from electronic equipment

Sheila’s Tips ~ What can I say without going into details. Men love this Patch!

I will relate this story, giving the wife a different name!

I asked a darling elderly Mexican gentleman with a MUCH younger wife how the patches were working for him. He blushed and giggled then he told me one weekend his wife was going away and he said “Maria – Maria what will I do without you?” she replied “Take a cold shower”!  He also told me she said “You can have it in the morning- You can have it at night – But NOT both”!

Now this is his story – I would not dare ask her, and I have not asked that question of a Gentleman since!  So- Please do not send me testimonials! 🙂

Now to get back to business! This Patch can be combined with Health Plus and Anti-Aging.  For damaged erectile tissue and related problems please check out the Sexual Organs Signature patch.

Please note: The sleeve is programmed along with the Patches and is made of a material that holds the frequency. You may place a drink on the complete packet for 45 seconds, and it will absorb the information, this will not drain the patches in the packet. The best time to do this is first thing in the morning when the body is dehydrated.

The programmed sleeve is not a replacement for the patches; it is a bonus meant to complement the patches. With chronic conditions using the packaging as an energy card is really effective.

Do not use this method with the Detox Patches.