Advanced Patches

Master Restoration



The Master Restoration Patch energetically supports all the organ systems of the body and provides the whole body with the specific information of each organ. This program is recommended to support any healing modality.  It is preferable to start the healing program by first cleansing the body of any pathogens.

All Organs contain their own specific energetic information.
Our approach is to use this complex information after any specific healing program it will help to
 restore the balance, and aid in the proper function of the whole body.

The  Products are non-invasive and do not contain drugs of any kind, they just contain specific bio-resonant energy. 

We have added the energetics of Dr. Ana Aslan’s original injectable GH-3 formula.  Dr. Ana Aslan was a Romanian biologist and physician; in 1952 she founded the Geriatric Institute of Bucharest.  This institute was the first of its kind in the world and was recognized by the World Health Organization. Dr. Aslan’s GH-3 became noted as an anti-aging therapy because of its revitalizing factors.  The clinic attracted many wealthy celebrities and world leaders who flew there for anti-aging therapy.

Research results: Doctors and practitioners have reported that they find this to be a very important and successful program.  When used after a chronic illness it restores homeostasis to the whole body.

Application: Place on the left shoulder, wear 24/7 and change patch every three days. Use as long as needed; this can be a three to six month program.  Once a satisfactory level of health has been accomplished, try wearing one patch for three days each week for as long as needed; then wear one patch for three days every two weeks.  When full health has been restored the Master Restoration Patches can be worn for one month once or twice a year as a Health Maintenance Program.

Please store the patches in the sleeve and keep away from all electronic equipment.