Advanced Patches

Neuropathy (Peripheral)



This Complementary Therapy is Designed to Energetically Address the Symptoms and Relieve the Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy  

We have found the feedback to be very positive if the diagnosis is recent. Within two weeks pain in the arms and legs is greatly decreased, and it appears it could be permanent.

If the Neuropathy is longstanding the relief is gradual, it seems to take three to six months to provide a substantial degree of relief, depending on the cause of the disease and the resulting damage.

This patch has only been researched on Peripheral Neuropathy and is still in the research stage for other forms of Neuropathy.  Nerve damage may be caused by a number of different diseases injuries, or infections.

Application: Patch can be placed on or near the problem area and changed every three days. If needed a second patch can be placed near the left shoulder.

Sheila’s Request ~ I would really appreciate feedback on the results of using this patch. I would like to know the type of Neuropathy and length of time before the patient notices relief. Any information you can send me is greatly appreciated and will aid in my research to improve our products.

Thank you!

All AEP patches are non-transdermal the FDA approved (skin contact) adhesive is for your convenience only. The Patches do not contain drugs of any kind.