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Organ Cleanse



This program is used to Improve and Maintain Organ Function by Removing Environmental Toxins, Poisons, and Heavy Metals. 

The Organ Cleanse patch is used for environmental detoxification.  It helps detoxify the body and cleanse out the environmental toxins. Some of the 79 environmental toxins are: mercury, arsenic, lead, formaldehyde, etc. These are the substances that accumulate and stay in the human body and require a formal cleanse of the organs.This is the first step in organ maintenance and taking people back to a healthy lifestyle.

People who develop health challenges face pH problems – their body becomes very acidic and many have reduced lymphatic function. They usually face inflammation in multiple organs and locations of the body. Most of these issues come down to good organ maintenance.

Application: Place on the left side of the body, 24/7 for 30 days replace every three days. Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches.)For those with depleted immune systems and health problems we advise using this patch for a 120 day program, and then using one month a year for maintenance.

Always store the Patches in the Sleeve and away from electronic equipment

Note: Do not double up on this Patch till you are sure there is no die off reaction (Herxheimer reaction). If there is a die off reaction leave the patch off for one day then wear on the right shoulder for a week before wearing on the left shoulder. A die off reaction is a sign that the body needs this patch but the detoxification is too much for the body to handle all at once.

Sheila’s Tips ~ This is one of the most supportive programs we have and it should be added to any healing program. We live in a toxic world, from pesticides on our food, mercury in our dental fillings, fumes and toxic substances in the air we breathe in our homes and work places.

We cannot heal our bodies if our immune system has to fight all these environmental toxins.  The Organ Cleanse, and the Parasite Cleanse are basic  detox programs that enable the body to stay healthy when used in a yearly maintenance program.   Mycoplasma may also be needed.

Do not use more than ONE Detox program at a time!