energy patches

Vision & Clarity



The Vision and Clarity Patch is designed to restore the specific energy needed to improve a broad range of eye health challenges,  Our intention is to restore the energy patterns related to the eyes and includes; Floaters, Retinal inadequacies, Glaucoma and Cataracts.

We found and identified a particular band of energy missing in all people who have developed these particular eye conditions. This Patch is not intended for diseases of the eye.  The intention is to restore the energy to the levels found in very healthy eyes. ..

Application: Place patch on the left shoulder 24/7 for 30 days replace every three days, continue to use as long as needed. Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Always store the patches in the sleeve and away from electronic equipment.

Sheila’s Tips ~ This is a great patch, my floaters disappeared within the first week of use, I have also had good reports on Cataracts!  For near and far vision you need the  Advanced Eye Focus Patch which also helps with cataracts and contains the Biofilm dissolving frequencies.

Please note: The sleeve is programmed along with the Patches and is made of a material that holds the frequency. You may place a drink on the complete packet for 45 seconds, and it will absorb the information, this will not drain the patches in the packet. The best time to do this is first thing in the morning when the body is dehydrated. The programmed sleeve is not a replacement for the patches; it is a bonus meant to complement the patches. With chronic conditions using the packaging as an energy card is really effective.