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Weight Loss Support



This Patch is Intended as an Aid to a Diet Plan and Weight Loss Program.
Reduces Appetite, Reduces Bloating, Encourages Physical Activities,
Detoxifies the Organs, Contains Five Different Fat Burners
Increases Healthy Lymphatic Function to Remove Fat


Weight Loss Support * Obesity Remedy * Fat Burners * Procrastination * Will Power  Ubiquinol * Seratonin * GH-3Plus ~

This patch is intended as an aid to a diet plan and is our most complex program.It adds Supportive Energy to Almost Every Function of the Body. If you find yourself hungry after applying, it may not be strong enough for you. Try putting on two Patches and test again. Some individuals may need a three to nine month program depending on the weight gain.

Research results: We tried to do a multi-faceted approach to weight management. If you really want to lose weight you need to follow a whole system. You must reduce caloric input and increase physical activity. Every successful weight loss program involves that!
Check out the specific Patches for Cellulite Reduction, and Anti-Craving Support

Suggested Application: Begin this program by placing one patch on the left side, 24/7. Replace the patch every three days. (You can start off wearing two patches one on the right shoulder and one on the left to jump start this program if you wish, then see if one patch will suffice). Results are usually seen within 30 days after use.
Some individuals may need a 90 day program. Repeat until you get the results you want. See also the Cellulite Reduction Patch. Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Sheila’s Tips ~ I am always asked “How long will it take for me to lose weight”? That is a really hard question to answer!!

The answer depends on:

  • How much are you over weight?
  • How long have you been over weight?
  • What are your eating habits?
  • Do you eat late at night?
  • Do you walk or exercise regularly?
  • Does obesity run in your family?
  • Do you have a thyroid problem?

I know it’s not easy, I’m sorry!! This patch is a weight loss support and it is meant to gently re-educate the body; it will complement any weight loss program. A person will not lose the weight overnight, and if they did they would most likely be looking for a plastic surgeon to remove the loose skin! 🙂 Having said that ~ I have noticed that it is more a case of losing body fat than weight, watch for the clothes to feel a little looser each month. If there is cellulite the Cellulite Reduction Patch could also be used. The new Anti-Craving Support patch is also a great addition to a weight loss program.